Loomio Needs Developers!

We’ve been getting heaps of interest and are preparing for a pretty big scale-up over the next several months. We are at the point where we would love some more developer support. Even if you just wanna contribute one small feature or bug-fix to the code-base that would be awesome!

At the moment, everyone contributing to Loomio is doing so on a volunteer basis, and several of us have been doing this full-time for months. Our outreach and business development teams have been doing a great job at securing a sustainable financial future for the app with the hope that Loomio will become a potential long-term work opportunity for those interested. 

If you are a Rails developer and you’re keen on helping create an incredible tool for facilitating social change, get in touch: [email protected] 

Published by

Richard D. Bartlett

Loomio co-founder; open source hardware and software hacker; activist;

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