We’re Coming to the US for a Community Organising Workshop Tour

Rich and Nati from Loomio are coming from New Zealand to join US-based team member MJ for a workshop tour across the States. We’re keen to meet with organisers who are interested in working non-hierarchically: whether they’re in cooperatives, startups, communities, collectives, NGOs or corporations.

We’ve been engaged in the craft of non-hierarchical organising for more than five years, starting with Occupy in 2011, co-founding Loomio (a worker coop building software for collective decision-making) and Enspiral (a network of dozens of social enterprise startups and tech-for-good projects). We’re woven into a global community of folks pioneering new ways of working, from ‘agile’, ‘holacratic’ and ‘teal’ organizations, to diffuse activist networks in Hungary, Spain, and Taiwan.

We’re working with local partners across the country to host workshops to share the challenges and delights of non-hierarchical, inclusive, intersectional, collaborative, horizontal organising. You can get an impression of the workshop content from this brief report from a session we hosted in Seoul late last year.


The loose plan is to spend April in the East Coast and May in the West. We’ll update this post as we finalise the schedule. Currently:

  • March 25th: land at San Francisco.
  • March 30th: head to Providence and Boston.
  • April 6th-10th: working with community organisers in Indianapolis.
  • April 8th: 11am-3pm Workshop in Indianapolis
  • April 10th: head east, spending the next 3.5 weeks in DC, NYC, Boston.
  • April 21st: 9am-1pm Loomio and Enspiral Workshop in NYC
  • May 3rd: head to the West Coast. Talk + workshop at UCSB on May 9th and 10th. Spend the rest of May in California, Seattle, Portland
  • Possibly back to NYC for PDF conference on June 8–9

Help wanted

If you want to support this mission, there are a couple ways to help:

  • Introduce us to organisers who would really benefit from spending a few hours exploring more sustainable ways of working inclusively. We’re keen to meet with anyone interested in working non-hierarchically: whether they’re in cooperatives, startups, communities, collectives, NGOs or corporations.
  • It would be amazing to have a few people contribute to cover the travel expenses. We’re looking for individuals and institutions that can sponsor a community workshop. We are currently looking at dates in DC, NY, MA, IN, CA and OR — for about US$1000 we can add another stop to the tour. Please get in touch with Rich ([email protected]) if you can help with sponsorship or you want to co-host an event with us.

Author: Richard D. Bartlett

Loomio co-founder; open source hardware and software hacker; activist;

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