OS//OS is going to be awesome! 🍌

We’re super excited about contributing to the upcoming OS//OS open source, open society conference. OS//OS is in its second year and a big gathering of people from across business, technology and government sectors to collaborate, learn from each other and extend the impact of open technology in our workplaces, our organisations and our society.

Some of our maximum favourite humans are going to be there, including these three:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.34.30 AM.png

Check out the conference and grab your ticket here.

Loomio @ OS//OS

We’ll be hosting a collaboration clinic at the conference for all our Loomio users and interested people on the ground floor of the conference. Loomio consultants will be on hand to help you work out great ways of using Loomio to build participatory team culture and tips and tricks for making better decisions together online.

Loomio can be super helpful if you’re:

  • Managing a growing team or office.
  • Leading a project team across any kind of technology
  • Building a startup team.
  • Working on a board or advisory group.
  • Developing policy or working in civic engagement.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the conference – come find us on the ground floor under the big Loomio sign and let’s help you make better decisions together.

See you there!

Major Breakthrough in Online Democracy: Loomio ❤ Emojis!

OMG! They’re here!

We’ve been having a Mad Science kind of summer. One of our most exciting experiments has just bubbled out of the lab and into the wild. Announcing… EMOJIS!

more emojis

We’ve been thinking about how to make Loomio a facilitator’s paradise: that means people should have fun while they’re collaborating. Emojis let you spice up your text with colour and personality, which means people can find a picture to express themselves better than words.

Wherever you see the little smiley face icon, you can insert an emoji into the text:

inserting a frog emoji into a comment

We’re using the EmojiOne image set, which means there are 1619 new icons to choose from, with more coming all the time.

Currently emojis work in comments, votes, discussion contexts, proposal descriptions, and proposal outcomes. Next up we’ll get them working in thread titles and proposal titles.

And who knows where this feature will go next – we’ll have to wait for more mad science…

Get started with Loomio

Spreading the collaborative decision-making meme

Loomio cofounder Richard D. Bartlett chats with Matthew Luxon, Auckland changemaker and Loomio champ

Matthew LuxonMatthew Luxon is director of Envision NZ. They develop ideas for social benefit, especially those related to waste and resource recovery: e.g. establishing community recycling centres.

“Last year I was working on a project in the Waikato region, with a wide range of stakeholders. As I’m driving from Auckland to Hamilton over and over again, I’m thinking: there must be a better way. Loomio would have halved those trips!”

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How to run an open source community space

About the same time as we started Loomio, a group of us also set up 17 Tory St: an “Open Source Community Gallery”.

In the last three years, hundreds of events have been held in the space, covering a huge diversity of noncommercial uses: political meetings, art exhibitions, massage classes, paint-making workshops, film nights + many, many more.

Using Loomio to manage the space means we can provide this extraordinary volunteer-run community venue, without ever having to get together for boring meetings.

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Loomio News for September 2015

Spring has sprung :)

Hi friends! Spring has arrived here in Aotearoa and it is gorgeous! We’ve got a lot of juicy stories to share this month:

mix T

For the past few weeks Alanna, Mix and Derek have been prototyping the future in an abandoned French castle. They’ve been teaching the crew over there about collaboration under pressure. Here’s Mix demonstrating How to use your hands as the ultimate communication tool.

Now that spring is rolling in, we’re poking our heads up like daffodils and looking ahead to a sunny future. Last week we held an excellent strategy-crafting session as a team, which you can read about here. We’ve been thinking about how the new Loomio fits in with the wider ecosystem of collaboration tools:

success factors

And here’s a couple of stories from further afield:

  • Mike O’Keeffe writes about the potential for Loomio to be used in collaborative bird identification, which is traditionally a highly solitary pursuit.
  • ABC News recently screened this incredible story (video + transcript) about the young radicals in Spain who occupied city squares in 2011 and have now made their way into the city halls: Yes We Can!

Loomio has been a small but significant part of this new political moment in Spain. It’s so inspiring to see friends of ours taking the energy of the streets and using it to revitalise the democratic institutions in that country.

That’s it for another issue of Loomio News, have a great week!

❤ much love from Rich
on behalf of the whole Loomio whānau