Meeting Highlights – March 9, 2012

  • Update of new features from Jon and Aaron, including improvements to the “new motion” interface, tagging, and closing motions.
  • Will be shortly implementing a deadline feature to define when motions will close.
  • Talked about the need for more engagement parameters, such as a minimum participation percentage for a vote to go through.
  • Need notifications of blocks to be emailed.
  • Continuing discussion of PledgeMe video.
  • Discussed project management and agreed to set weekly goals.
  • Talked about the idea of a coding skunkworks.
  • Joshua shared more ideas for the revenue model to help the project sustain and thrive: a consulting business set up around the free Loomio tool.
  • Ben looking into public funding and grants.
  • Continuing discussion about terminology, and the need for Loomio to be agnostic so groups can define their own terms. We want everything to be customizable if possible, but we will have to settle on defaults.
  • Immediate priorities: email notifications, closing dates, dashboard cleanup, tags, group membership and registration process, motion organization, embedding a discussion platform, subgroups within groups.

Some Points for the PledgeMe Pitch (Under Development)

  • What is consensus?
  • How the protocols of a discussion can influence outcomes
  • How this tool will aid group self-understanding
  • Anecdotes about the power of empowering people in organizations to be heard
  • Specific goals for the stage we’re trying to fund (what we’ll accomplish if we’re funded)
  • How we want to bring it to the stage where we can open it up and develop the project using the tool itself with community input
  • Making sure it’s clear this is open source and will be totally free

Meeting Highlights – February 24, 2012

  • There’s an exciting opportunity to use a community art/work space for Loomio, and this might give us room to brainstorm and be creative in our process.
  • We have identified a clear need for some more resources, both money and people. Some ideas for funding: doing a PledgeMe video, applying for a grant from the government, reaching out to potential customers for pre-funding.

Draft of the Elevator Pitch

Jon and Rich came up with this in February. This is an evolving document, but it’s a good start.

Loomio – “Helping groups move together”

Loomio is a web app that helps groups of individuals make decisions together. 

As groups get larger they tend to become less efficient, and often individuals start to feel that the group is no longer accomplishing what it set out to do. This happens with companies, political entities, universities… pretty much any large collective. However, while groups can often become very inefficient, they can also become very powerful when engaged together with common purpose and intent. 

Loomio aims to leverage the power of groups by using the Internet to facilitate consensus-based decision-making. It provides a platform where group members can discuss issues, propose ideas and solutions, and then vote on decisions together. The end result is that better decisions are made, and the group has a greater understanding of itself and it’s direction forward.


Loomio is being collaboratively developed as an open source project. We are seeking input from a diverse range of people, from activists to business people.