Remote Working Kit

Getting started with Loomio

Your team is suddenly remote, and you need a place where you can have discussions and make decisions.

Your team can get going in under 10 minutes with these five simple steps.

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5 powerful ways to use threads

Communication can make or break any team or organization’s efforts. Save time, email confusion, and energy with higher quality conversations that move to action. Loomio’s discussion threads can help. Starting threads on Loomio helps people participate via their computer or mobile in their own time. All organizations benefit by having an online place for discussions – a space for your group to start vital conversations, consider and debate, and get clear outcomes.

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More good news!

Kia ora! Hello from team Loomio, Since the start of the year, we've been working hard on even more awesome new Loomio 2.0 features. Check ‘em out – along with some valuable webinars: Loomio now supports your company's login system Your team can now log in to Loomio with their company login, while staff access & permissions can be administered in one place. It's a secure, fast and easy way to use Loomio in your organization.

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Creating the Workplace of the Future

Case Study: Ian Martin Group made big changes to their organizational structure to ensure that their employees enjoy the most meaningful work experience. Here’s a look at their journey and how Loomio is helping them along the way.

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Open Source Open Science

It takes a long time for scientific articles to be published. After years of research and fine-tuning, the papers must be sent off for peer review, which can take six months or more.

“During that time the scientists have [few] ways of referencing their work,” Tom Narock, an Assistant Professor of Data Science, explains, “It’s not published anywhere as of yet so you can’t cite it. You can’t use it in other publications or grant applications.”

Tom and his team at EarthArxiv wanted to help researchers who felt stalled by this time-consuming and laborious process through a concept called “pre-printing”

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What's new in Loomio 2.0 part 2

If you’ve seen our last article with Loomio’s new features, that was just the beginning! Here’s our latest batch of improvements and new tools.

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Advice Process: Making group decisions… simple!

Making decisions with other people can be slow, expensive and emotionally draining, while coordinating team member schedules can be time-consuming. At the same time, making decisions without involving others can turn out to be equally — if not more — expensive and stressful, and can cause resentment amongst those who were not included.

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What's new in Loomio 2.0

Everything is new!

It’s an exciting time for us at Loomio and also for our customers; we’ve listened to your feedback and here's the result — Loomio 2.0. The software is not changing at its core, but every aspect of the platform has been revamped and improved.

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Building Community with Vancouver Makerspace

This creative community of makers and artists used Loomio to take the hassle out of decision-making, so they can have more time to focus on doing what they love.

If, as a kid, you loved breaking things apart and learning how they worked, or creating things out of material like wood, cloth or cardboard you would fit right in at 1907 Triumph Street.

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Catalyzing the Zero Waste movement in France

Case Study: Zero Waste France consists of local groups scattered across the country, all dedicated to practicing and encouraging a zero-waste lifestyle. Loomio delivers a zero-stress communication tool that helps this community of activists create more impact.

When Manon Cuille joined Zero Waste France (ZWF), the nonprofit was in the middle of a big transformation. It had recently changed its name to identify more closely with the international and European movements and, because of this, was rapidly growing in membership.

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