Score polling is here!

We’ve been asked for it many times, and now we’ve happy to announce that Score Poll is available in Loomio. Score Polling is a simple but expressive voting process which captures the level of preference voters have for each option in the poll. In practice this means voters choose a “score” from 0 to 9 for each option in the poll. The wikipedia page on Score voting details the properties of this voting system quite well, if you’re interested.


Exciting developments afoot!

Warmest greetings from Loomio HQ in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand!

It’s been a long time since our last blog posts, so it might not seem like it from the outside, but we’ve been super busy.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a series of updates about Loomio’s upcoming developments.

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Richard Bartlett talks Occupy, Collective Intelligence, Teal, Scuttlebutt & Solarpunk

This year Rich & Nati have been delivering collaboration workshops around Europe as The Hum, and in the downtime, Rich has been talking with people about the topics he cares about.

I’m pleased to share some of that talking with you in the form of these interviews.


Full circle leadership workshop with Alanna Irving

Alanna Irving is running an online workshop on Full Circle Leadership on the 15th November. You can register for the workshop here.

First introduced in her article, Beyond dreamers vs doers: Full Circle Leadership, Alanna explains:

The Full Circle model works on two levels: a way understand and visualise diverse kinds of leadership, and a way to map the steps of innovation and execution of projects.


Building workforce capability to address Family Violence and Sexual Violence

Over the last few years, the New Zealand Government has been committed to seeking new ways to guarantee everyone in New Zealand a safe environment to live. The country has one of the highest reported rates of family violence and sexual violence in the developed world, so action is needed. People working in the sector need a national framework and clear guidelines for safely and consistently tackling these problems. A combined cross-government and sector team championed the development of a Workforce Capability Framework for addressing Family Violence, Sexual ViolenceĀ and Violence within Whānau.


Digitally organised cooperative has astronomical dreams

The space programmes remind us of the 1960ā€™s early TV news reporting about the first space missions. The modern space programme can be something different: a digitally organised international group, like Space Cooperative. They are a California-based group of talents, who share an expertise and interest in space. Yalda Mousavinia is one of the co-founders behind Space Cooperative. She describes the work of the group as an initiator, getting the right people and knowledge together.


Celebrating 2017 with new stories and features from Loomio

Hi folks, itā€™s Rich here, one of the Loomio co-founders. You havenā€™t heard from me for a while so I want to give you an update on whatā€™s been happening this year. Thereā€™s been some incredible progress on the software, and I have a few stories to share after 9 months on the road too.Ā 


UNICEF and Les Mills use Loomio to coordinate global fundraising campaign

People in 75 countries joined a fundraising fitness class for supporting childrenā€™s access to water in East Africa. The event was a result of Unicef NZ and Les Mills putting their strengths together in a global campaign supported by Loomio. In mid 2017 established a partnership between UNICEF NZ and global fitness company Les Mills International, sharing a goal of creating a world where every child survives and thrives.


Academics study Loomio use

Loomio has been collaborating with academic researchers Shiv Ganesh at Massey University in New Zealand and Cynthia Stohl at the University of California, to do the first large-scale survey of Loomio users. The survey is still open, but we are already getting some really fascinating information on who we are as Loomio users, how we use Loomio, and what we use it for. We know, for instance, that we are more age diverse than we previously thought.


Citizens getting organised in Venezuela

One of the benefits of working at Loomio is that we get to connect with a big variety of social movements around the world. Itā€™s always inspiring to discover another group of citizens finding new ways of generating deeper engagement with their government. Hereā€™s a short story about one of those movements using Loomio right now in Venezuela. DSDVzla (Democracy, Society and Development of Venezuela) is a movement of distributed networks all over the Venezuelan territory.